International Headache Society

 IHS – Types of headaches

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The IHS uses a three part headache classification system.

Part I: The 4 Primary Headache types:

Primary headaches are generally those thought to originate from the Trigeminal nerve (the fifth cranial nerve).

1. Migraines have 6 categories

(without aura, With aura,childhood, retinal, complicated, probable)

2. Tension-Type Headaches have 4 categories

Infrequent episodic, Frequent episodic, Chronic, Probable

3. Cluster Headaches have 4 categories

Cluster, Paroxysmal,short lasting unilateral attacks, probable

4. Other Headaches have 7 categories

Stabbing, coughing, exertional, sexual exertion, Hypnic, thunderclap, hemicrania continua, daily persistent

Part II: The Secondary Headaches:

Secondary headaches have 8 categories and include headaches are from other sources either from within the skull (blood vessels) or external to the skull such as muscles and joints.

5. Head/neck trauma
6. Cranial / Cervical Vascular Disorder
7. Non Vascular Intra-Cranial Disorder
8. Substance or its withdrawal
9. Infection
10. Homeostasis Disorder
11. Disorder of Cranium,neck,eyes,ears,nose,sinuses, teeth, mouth,nose,face,
12. Psychiatric Disorder

Part III: Cranial Neuralgias:

Central and Primary Facial Pain and Other Headaches have 2 categories.

 13. Cranial Neuralgias
14. Other central or primary facial pain