The LITE eBook = 8 great exercises just like those in the Tension Headache Wiper LITE App but instead of videos the eBook has pictures and instructions to show you how to quickly wipe away your tension or neck related headache. The 8 exercises are repeated 8 times each and should be done in order 1-8 for best results.

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The Headache Wiper LITE eBook also contains 8 Bonus Tips on reducing or avoiding positional stress. These Bonus TIPS are NOT on the LITE App but are accessible in the SUPER VIP members area on this website.

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NOTE: Migraine sufferers may also benefit from Tension Headache Wiper exercises as there has been a link established between the onset of a Tension Headache and the onset of a Migraine. So treating the Tension Headache may stop the progression or development of a migraine.

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