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4 eBooks are available.

1. Tension Headache Wiper LITE eBook …bookstore
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Learn 8 “little known” SELF TREATMENT exercises experts teach patients to treat tension headaches. Exercises are quick and easy to do and results can be expected in under 10 minutes.

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2. Tension Headache Wiper PRO eBook …page link here soon

The PRO eBook gives 8 more exercises to target the 3 other KEY body areas. Exercises include strengthening to PREVENT THE ONSET OF PAIN and produce a longer term solution. The PRO Exercises reduce the need to do the LITE Exercises.

Purchasing the PRO eBook also gives you access to a VIP Members Only area of the Headache Wiper website the ADVANCED PRO area which gives you VIDEOS, and BONUS information to treat your tension headache.

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3. Tension Headache Wiper SELF Massage Secrets eBook …page link soon here

The Tension Headache Wiper Self massage secrets are quick and effective at relieving stubborn tension areas around the head and neck. These techniques are rarely taught and compliment the exercises in the Headache Wiper program and can be used in conjunction with the exercises.

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4. Tension Headache Wiper PRO Massage Secrets eBook …page link here soon

The Tension Headache Wiper PRO Massage secrets are used by therapists to treat clients with tension or neck related headaches. These techniques are usually only taught to professionals and not the general public. Pro Massage secrets are more than just massage techniques and will further compliment the Headache Wiper exercises in the program and can be used in conjunction with the exercises.

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All exercises presented here are used successfully in our clinic. We hope that you gain the same benefits as our clients.

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